Design Fees
When you select “Let us Design For You with a Fee” during the ordering process, below fee is added by the system.  

Both sidesOne Side
Business CardAll SizesOMR 10
FlyersA6 & DLOMR 8OMR 5
Folded PamphletsA5OMR 12OMR 7
Company ProfileA4OMR 15OMR 9
Takeout MenusA3OMR 25OMR 15
Pocket FolderOMR 15
CertificatesOMR 10
PlacematsA3OMR 9
Logo WorkDesignOMR 20
TracingOMR 10


Please note that we do not release original design files to the customer. If you need the original design files, we can release for the same amount of design fee. 

Requirement for Design 

To make the design process easy and practical, we need followings. 
    1. Text 
    Please send us the text in digital format like Word or Excel so we can add in graphic file. 
    2. Images 
   In case you want to have specific pictures in your prints, please send us. At least 300 DPI (dots per inch) picture is needed.  
    3. Logos 
   To have better result, logos in vector file ( scalable graphic file ) are needed. Otherwise PDF file (saved from graphic file) would be okay.  
    4. Sketch 
   Please send us a simple sketch like where logo or image to be appeared. The more you put in details,  the more you likely to have the result you like to have. 


Design Draft
Once the design is completed, we will send the draft for confirmation.  We will be able to have changes up to 3 times. 

Please aware that design is complicated process and your elaboration matters a lot to us. So please send us as many details as you can.